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Is it time to say Good Bye to Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is a great choice for heating any home. It’s cheap, clean and easy to produce. It gets most of the energy for Hydrogen which makes for relatively low amount of carbon dioxide. Way better the Coal or Oil and easy to produce.

Natural Gas is readily available is most neighbourhoods and there are few problems with gas heating equipment. It has a lot benefits and finding something equally as good or better is going to be hard.

Natural Gas Furnace Ignition

The city of Vancouver and RMOW ( Whistler) are both offering up to $3000 in additional incentives to disconnect the gas and use electric or solar heating systems. The incentive will help to offset the additional cost of the equipment but there are two important considerations. Will you get the same performance as the natural gas and stay warm even on the coldest days. Will operating cost the same, less or more.

Natural Gas has a few drawbacks, some of which are pretty important…