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Company Information:
HVAC Oracle specializes in the HVAC & Refrigeration Industry. We provide on line consulting and technical support services to help companies resolve issues with commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration equipment. We have successfully resolved many problems for companies from Hong Kong to the UK. Our consulting services can be a low cost exchange by simply sending us a photo or an email to advise you with a quick answer on less complicated issues or for a quoted or predetermined fee we will assist with more complicated issues, including consulting with with engineers, contractors and manufacturers on your behalf.

We have practical working experience you need when buying equipment, planning the next project, or dealing with a contractor issue.

How can we help?
Our site can really help those who already have mechanical abilities and training. We have provided several inspection forms that can be used as a guide. People such as Apprentices, Journeyman, Plant Engineers, Millwrights, building maintenance personal, electricians can really benefit from these forms. Have your technicians collect the information and fill out our inspection forms and we will send you a written report with the information. For Subscribed members we can add your company logo and information directly to the form and send it directly to your office or customers email. We can even send the information in a data file that you can use to import into your companies Database Software program.

Want a second opinion or not sure what the information means, have our qualified senior technicians review your inspection and they can offer their expert opinion. Our technicians can spot problems that many miss and can prevent costly breakdowns.

Our Team:

Our technicians have many years of experience and can provide you with low cost expert opinion through our Ask the Oracle page. Information on everyday problems found in commercial, industrial and residential type buildings. These can be simple questions such as where to find the air filters or more complex questions such as “What are causes flame failure in a Direct fired Make-up air system.”

Limits of Liability:
While we strive to provide accurate information, the information contained on this site, is written based on information made available to us at the time and the personal opinions of the page authors. The use of this information is at the users own risk. HVACORACLE.COM/HVACORACLE.CA will not be responsible or held liable for the information contained in this site or for goods sold from this site, what so ever, however caused.

We only provide you with the opportunity to have a choice as to who you will purchase these items. Many item in our Parts Depot require professional installation and should only be installed by qualified personal. Please read carefully and follow all the manufactures instructions.

Working with any electrical equipment and fossil fuels has certain hazards, which include the risk of fire, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, and electrocution.

The information here is for educational purposes only. Any attempt at repairs is at the users own risk, we assume no liability for this what so ever.

The information here is very generalized and does not address any specific problems.

We will provide you with advice and basic information on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment and access to basic parts, how you use that information is totally at your own risk.

After any contact with natural gas, propane, fuel oil refrigerants, piping or delivery systems they must be thoroughly tested for any leaks. Even the slightest smell of gas indicates that a leak is present. It must be located and repaired or the fuel must be shut off! Do not alter the appliance in any way from the manufacturers original design.

The information contained herein will help you to better understand any work that has been done for you by a licensed HVAC professional. If the information contained in this site causes you to question or doubt work that has been done for you, send us feedback and we will try and answer any questions that you might have.


HVAC Oracle has over twenty years experience in the field of Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration “HVAC” as well as many hours of classroom time. The following certificates have been issued over the years, check us out. These certificates have been slightly altered to prevent duplication. Neo Anderson is from the Matrix Movie!

Gas Safety Branch License, Class A Gas Fitter. Issued by the Province of British Columbia, Canada. December 1997

Certificate of Apprenticeship, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Issued by the Province of Ontario, April 1986

Certificate of Apprenticeship, Oil Burner Mechanic Issued by the
Province of British Columbia, Canada. November , 1998

Certificate of Qualification, Refrigeration Issued in British Columbia, Canada May, 1995

Certificate of Qualification, refrigeration and Air Conditoning, issued in the Province of Ontario, April 1982

CFC/HCFC/HFC Enviromental Control Certificate, Issued by HRAI, September, 1993

Certificate of Qualification. Gas Fitter II. Issued by the Province of Ontario. March, 1983

Electrical Qualification Certificate, Issued by the province of British Columbia, Canada. April , 1994

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Electrical course Term 1. Issued by RSES Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. May 1980

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Electrical course Term 2. Issued by RSES Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. May 1981

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Term 1. Issued by RSES Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. May 1982

Advance CCN Contractor Course. Issued by Carrier Canada. April , 1993

Radiant and Hot Water Heating Seminar. Issued by Burnham
Boilers. May 1997

Dry-O-Tron Service and Maintenace. Issued by Dry-O-Tron. December 1988

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. Issued by Mohawk Collage. February, 1986

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